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Needle Sources

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Needle Source

Needle sources are used to generate a point source of radiation inside cloud chambers for demonstrating alpha and beta radiation tracks. Three different types of isotopes are offered, a pure alpha emitter, a pure beta emitter and a combined alpha /beta emitter.

The sources are constructed by depositing a small, license exempt quantity of radioactive isotope onto the eye of a standard sewing needle which is mounted on a test tube stopper for insertion into the cloud chamber. The needle and stopper are placed into a test tube for protection during shipping and storage.


Po-210 Needle. This alpha emitter contains 0.01 microcuries of Polonium-210.



Sr-90 Needle. A beta emitter containing 0.01 microcuries of Strontium-90.



Pb-210 Needle. 0.01 microcuries of Lead-210 in equilibrium with its daughters Bi-210 and Po-210, produces a source of both alpha and beta particles.


How to Dispose of Exempt Sources 1) Disposal Service, Click here (PDF Document) 2) USNRC Rule for Disposal of Exempt Sources, Click here (PDF Document)

NRC 30.18 Exempt quantities (narrative)
NRC 30.71 Schedule B Exempt Quantity Radionuclide Regulations (Table)
  MSDS/Data Sheet for Sources

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