Lead Shields

Lead shields are specifically designed to fit all 1 inch disk and laminate disk sources.

Domestic and international U.S. NRC exempt quantity source orders with activities over 10 μCi MAY require lead shielding. If required, the lead shield will be added to your order.

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Radiation Absorber Sets

Radiation Absorber Sets are designed to simplify experiments that require different types of absorbers and absorbing materials. Manufactured out of aluminum, plastic, and lead plates, the absorbers have a density thickness that range from 4.5 to 7367 mg/cm2.

The absorbers are specifically designed to fit all Spectrum Techniques’ detector stand assemblies.

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Stands and Stand Accessories

Stands and accessories are designed to be used with Spectrum Techniques’ detectors.

Manufactured out of rugged plastic, these stands have 10 sample tray positions (1 cm spacing) allowing for more accurate measurements.

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Lead Shields For Detectors

Lead shields are specifically designed to fit Spectrum Techniques’ detectors.

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Preamplifers provide a convenient interface between a proportional counter and a single or multi-channel analyzer.

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Signal Splitter/Combiner

Signal splitters/combiners enable the use of single and dual cable NaI detectors with the ST16, ST360, and ST370.

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Power Supplies

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Lab Manuals


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Please contact Spectrum Techniques at sales@spectrumtechniques.com or (865) 482-9937 if you have any questions.