The Integrated Computer Spectrometer (ICS-PCI) is designed for spectroscopy applications and is available in 1024, 2048 and 4096 channel versions.

Measuring 9.5 inches in length, the ICS-PCI requires only a single PCI slot and is designed for installation in most PC compatible computers.

The on-board preamplifier, amplifier, HV supply and ADC/MCA support standard scintillation detectors and Multichannel Scaling with Mossbauer control is included for decay and time related studies.

To aid in the identification of nuclides, the ICS-PCI contains a unique peak labeling feature named ISOMATCH. Providing the unit is accurately energy calibrated, the user may select a nuclide from the library and the corresponding characteristic emission lines are superimposed on the spectrum along with isotope and energy information. Using this feature, users may quickly check a spectrum and visually identify the emission components for each nuclide present.

  • Input: BNC connector
  • Output: MHV connector
  • High voltage: Computer controlled (2 volt increments)
  • Display: Computer
  • Interface: PCI card
  • Power: PCI bus.
  • Dimensions: 9.5″ in length
  • System: Windows 98 and higher
  • Software: USX and ISOMATCH
Ordering information:
ICSPCI1K Integrated Computer Spectrometer PCI Card – 1K
ICSPCI2K Integrated Computer Spectrometer PCI Card – 2K
ICSPCI4K Integrated Computer Spectrometer PCI Card – 4K
Available downloads:
 ICS-PCI: Integrated Computer Spectrometer PCI Card Manual Download