The Intermediate Nuclear Lab System is built around the ST360 Radiation Counter and provides the ultimate in nuclear lab systems for studying the characteristics of radiation.

The ST360 can also be operated using a computer (PC or Mac) via a serial or USB connection. This allows for data to be collected and displayed on the screen in either analog or digital format. All of the data is stored in a format that can easily be transferred directly to many common spreadsheet programs.

The Intermediate Nuclear Lab System also comes with a set of 5 U.S. NRC exempt quantity sources (RSS5 or RSS5EU for international orders): 1- alpha, 2-beta, and 2-gamma emitters. This allows users to study the characteristics of different types of radiation.

  • Operating Modes: Count, Count Rate, High Voltage, Time, Alarm Point, Speaker Volume
  • 6 decade digital display
  • GM detector assembly complete with sample holder (six positions, 1 cm separation) and BNC cable (3 ft)
  • 20 piece absorber set: Aluminum, plastic, lead (4.5 to 7367 mg/cm2)
  • Set of 5 radioactive sources: 1 alpha, 2 beta, 2 gamma emitters
  • Experiment Lab Manuals – instructor and student editions
System Components:
ST360Radiation counter with operating software
USBUSB cable (6 ft.)
GP35Complete detector assembly with GM35 probe, GMS35 stand, and cable
RAS20Radiation absorber set – 20 pieces
RSS5 or RSS5EUSet of 5 radioactive sources (1 – alpha, 2 – beta, and 2 – gamma)
LM5Experiment Lab Manuals for the instructor and student (CD version) with sample data
Ordering Information:
INTERIntermediate Nuclear Lab System
INTER-EUIntermediate Nuclear Lab System – EU (for international orders)