The ST160 is a complete student lab station designed for high school and college level nuclear science instruction. The ST160 includes an internal GM detector, multi-position sample stand, a 6 decade scaler with a preset timer, and an 11 piece absorber set.

The internal GM detector allows for detection of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. This allows the user to perform experiments, such as: inverse square law, half-life decay, and detection efficiency. The ST160 also includes a digitally controlled, variable high voltage supply that allows the user to plot the plateau region (count rate vs. voltage) of the GM detector.

The ST160 can also be operated using a computer (PC or Mac) via a serial or USB connection. This allows the user to utilize Spectrum Techniques’ STX software.

When using the software, data can be displayed on the screen in a digital format. The collected data is stored in a format that can easily be transferred directly to many common spreadsheet programs.

  • Input: N/A – Built in GM tube
  • High voltage: 0 to +800 volts (20 volt increments)
  • Display: 6 decade LED, 1 inch numerals
  • Interface: RS-232 serial ports for PC and Mac, USB
  • Power: 9 Volt DC at 500 mA from AC adaptor
  • Dimensions: 10″ (W) x 7.5″ (D) x 6.2″ (H)
  • Software: STX
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ST160 ST160 Nuclear Lab Station
BASIC Basic Nuclear Lab System
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ST160 Nuclear Lab Station Manual Download