International (IAEA) Exempt Quantity Limits for Sources

IAEA Safety Standards – Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources: International Basic Safety Standards – General Safety Requirements Part 3 (No. GSR Part 3) Schedule I: Exemption and Clearance (page 105)

Spectrum Techniques is limited to the U.S. NRC exempt quantity limits when manufacturing sources.


Embargoed Destinations

It is Spectrum Techniques’ policy NOT to export/distribute or drop ship to the countries listed on the U.S. NRC’s list of Embargoed Destinations.

The countries listed in the table below are currently on the Embargoed Destinations list.

Effective: March 9, 1993; and last reviewed: December 2, 2015

Cuba Libya (Executive Order) Syria
Iran North Korea
Iraq Sudan

Reference: U.S. NRC Regulations – 10 CFR 110.28 Embargoed Destinations


Countries Known to Require Prior Approval to Import Sources from Spectrum Techniques

In order to import Spectrum Techniques’ sources, some countries require prior approval from the nuclear regulatory authority of that country.

In order to ship to countries that require prior approval, Spectrum Techniques requires confirmation that the appropriate permits or licenses have been acquired.

The countries listed in the table below are known to require prior approval from their local or national authority on nuclear regulation to receive radioactive materials/dangerous goods from Spectrum Techniques. Click on the country for more information.

Effective: January 1 – December 31 2017

Australia (AUG) Macao SAR, China (MOG)
Bahrain (BHG) Malaysia (MYG)
Belgium (BEG) Nepal (NPG)
Brazil (BRG) Netherlands (NLG)
Canada (CAG) Oman (OMG)
China (CNG) Russian Federation (RUG)
Croatia (HRG) Saudi Arabia (SAG)
Arab Republic of Egypt (EGG) Singapore (SGG)
Fiji (DQG) South Africa (ZAG)
France (FRG) Sri Lanka (VCG)
Ghana (GHG) Turkey (TRG)
Hong Kong SAR, China (HKG) Ukraine (UKG)
India (ING) U.A.E. (AEG)
Kyrgyz Republic (KGG) United Kingdom (GBG)
Luxembourg (LUG)  
The end user is responsible for contacting, coordinating, and paying for permits and/or licenses needed to import/possess Spectrum Techniques’ sources.

Reference: IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations 58th Edition (Produced in consultation with ICAO) – 2.8.2 List of State Variations



Shipping via Freight Forwarder

All orders shipped using our freight forwarder must be picked up at the airport by the customer or a representative for the customer.

The consignment must be picked up in a reasonable time; otherwise, the customer will be responsible for the cost of return to Spectrum Techniques.

All fees at the airport will be the customer’s responsibility; this includes: storage, duties, and any other fees associated with importing the consignment.


How to Dispose of Exempt Quantity Sources Internationally

In the U.S. Spectrum Techniques’ sources are considered exempt from all regulatory requirements. This includes waste disposal. This means exempt quantity sources may be disposed of in the regular waste, providing all radiation symbols have been removed or defaced.

Disposal of Spectrum Techniques’ sources, internationally, must be done so according to all local laws and regulations.

If your country requires that the sources be returned to the manufacturer once they are no longer needed, we have contracted with Philotechnics to facilitate this process.

The end user is responsible for contacting, coordinating, and paying for the disposal of exempt quantity radioactive sources.