The Universal Computer Spectrometer (UCS-30) System is a complete spectroscopy system designed for nuclear science instruction.

The System is built around the UCS-30 and a 1.5″ x 1.5″ NaI(Tl) detector; it is designed for conducting a wide selection of spectroscopy experiments.

The UCS-30 contains either a 1024, 2048, or 4096 channel MCA with an internal pre-amplifier, computer controlled amplifier, high voltage, upper and lower level discriminators, ADC, and Multichannel Scaling for half-life and decay studies.Also included is a Mossbauer interface and preamplifier power output (±12 V) for connecting detectors with external preamplifiers such as proportional counters and CdZnTe probes.

The UCS-30 is operated using a computer (PC or Mac) via a USB connection.

The UCS-30 System also comes with a set of 8 U.S. NRC exempt quantity sources (RSS8, RSS8EU, or RSS8UN for international orders): 8-gamma emitters.

  • Scintillation detector assembly
  • Sample holder (six positions, 1 cm separation)
  • 11 absorber plates: Aluminum, plastic, lead (4.5 to 7367 mg/cm2)
  • Set of 8 radioactive sources: 8 gamma emitters
  • Experiment Lab Manuals – instructor and student editions
System Components:
UCS30-1K or 2K or 4KNuclear Lab Station with GM counter, USB and serial interface with operating software
SPA38Scintillation detector assembly
RSS8 or RSS8EU or RSS8UN Set of 8 gamma emitting radioactive sources
LM5Experiment Lab Manuals for the instructor and student (CD version) with sample data
Ordering Information:

UCS-30 1K Options

ADV1KUCS-30 Lab System – 1K
ADV1K-EUUCS-30 Lab System – 1K – EU (for international orders)
ADV1K-UNUCS-30 Lab System – 1K – UN (for international orders)

UCS-30 2K Options

ADV2KUCS-30 Lab System – 2K
ADV2K-EUUCS-30 Lab System – 2K – EU (for international orders)
ADV2K-UNUCS-30 Lab System – 2K – UN (for international orders)

UCS-30 4K Options

ADV4KUCS-30 Lab System – 4K
ADV4K-EUUCS-30 Lab System – 4K – EU (for international orders)
ADV4K-UNUCS-30 Lab System – 4K – UN (for international orders